Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Tennis Greats and Shots

Keys to Success

As most people readily realize, everything you do in life is directly determined in success by how you approach […]

Common Tennis Injuries

There are several things that you need to be well aware of as you consider how you are playing […]

Can You Learn Tennis Online?

With the internet becoming a much more iatrical part of many people‚Äôs lives it is only natural that people […]

Tennis Shots: The Backhand

From listening to tennis commentators, it would be easy to come to the conclusion that a backhand was something […]

Everything About Tennis

Where to Play Tennis

There are numerous places that are all available to play tennis and most cities have several options that you […]

Speed Training

Tennis Tips and Information

Tips to Avoid Tennis Elbow

If you have ever heard anyone talk about tennis elbow then you surely know that it is not a pleasant situation. It can be rather painful and it is quite possible to do a lot of work to help prevent the injury. However, if you do not treat your body nicely you are putting yourself at a much greater risk for the injury as well as others. This is something that you should work hard to avoid, after all tennis elbow can cause serious pain that is […]

The Differences in Tennis Balls Explained

Who ever knew that there was a lot of decisions involved in picking out a tennis ball? After all, they are green or yellow and fuzzy. The biggest decision that you would think you should have to make is picking the color that you want to use. Yet there is actually so much more that people generally do not think about. This is an amazing discovery to most people, because honestly a ball is just a ball right? Of course a ball is a ball, but at […]

Tennis Equipment – New or Used?

If you are trying to get started in tennis you have no doubt discovered that many of the different pieces of equipment that are necessary are a bit expensive. However, if you are willing to purchase some equipment used you can save a lot of money. The problem becomes determining what you can really purchase used without putting yourself at risk for injury, or even potential frustration. Savings money should never be a greater priority so it is important to follow the advice that is listed here […]

Tennis and Sports Medicine Concerns

Many people do not realize that beyond the initial beginnings of tennis that the sport can actually be very dangerous. Yet at the same time even those who do realize that it is dangerous often do not realize just how important it is to have a good sports medicine doctor that you work with. Most tennis injuries are caused specifically by the sport itself, which makes the need to have a sports medicine doctor quite large. If you are playing tennis at an advanced level or even […]

Should You Teach Tennis?

If you have ever considered yourself a stellar tennis player you may have had the idea of teaching tennis cross your mind. The freedom and flexibility that this provides can be almost unmatched and it also provides a great excuse to play more tennis. If you thoroughly enjoy the sport then this is the perfect thing to seriously consider. However, before you go jumping into a new career there are some things that you should take into consideration to ensure that it is a good match for […]

Required Tennis Equipment

Of course there are the basics such as the balls but what are some of the other pieces of equipment that are needed in order to play effectively? Having the necessary tools of the trade is always essential in order to be successful and tennis is no exception. Having the right equipment can mean the difference between being able to play successfully or not being able to play because you do not have something that you need. The first piece of equipment and what often comes to […]

Keeping Your Eyes on the Ball

One of the most important things that you will ever hear when you are playing tennis is to keep your eyes on the ball. Games have been lost because a player cannot do this. Yes, it seems virtually impossible to really keep track of that fuzzy yellow ball when it is spinning through the air coming right at you but realize that if you miss you are giving your opponent points. This as well as the risk of danger or getting hurt should be enough motivation to […]